Encourage the Entrepreneurial Spirit in All Ages and Locations

As a business, I want to help empower our customers to create the business they have always dreamed of. I want to do this by building themes that give them a 10,000 hour head start and teach them the basics of marketing and selling online.

Give You a 10,000 Hour Head Start in Your Business

There are far to many WordPress themes out there designed to be so multi purpose they could work for any business. 

The problem with these themes is that they aren’t refined.

They aren’t designed to follow best practices for selling online or growing a community. Instead, they put that burden on the customer. 

They leave it up them to do the research on what a good landing page or checkout process should look like.  Even after that research is done, the customer still has to figure out how to customize this multipurpose theme to follow those best practices. 

If one were to do the proper amount of research and work, it would take countless hours and probably a good bit of money. I wanted to build themes that had all those best practices built in.  I wanted to build the WordPress theme I always wanted as an online business owner. 

I didn’t want to build a theme that was “multi-purpose” and pass it off as something made specifically for bloggers and entrepreneurs.

One of the core benefits of  Authority themes is, and always will be, to build and optimize features that will help entrepreneurs to grow their business. 

I don’t integrate shopping cart plugins, I craft optimized checkout experiences. 

I don’t design a blog, I give you the tools you need to grow an audience.

Encourage the Entrepreneurial Spirit in All Ages and Locations

The entrepreneurial spirit knows no age.  I knew as early as third grade that I wanted to be an entrepreneur.

This interest in business at such a young age is something that needs to be fostered and encouraged.

A portion of Authorities profits will be used to invest in entrepreneurs of all ages and locations.  We work with Kiva to provide small business loans to entrepreneurs in developing companies. 

Their repayment of these loans are then invested into other entrepreneurs in need of seeing their dreams of business come true.

Younger entrepreneurs will have the ability to apply for a free membership to Authority to help them start their first business.

Be a Mentor First and a Business Second

Part of running a business is about making money, but I didn’t want that to be the driving force behind Authority. 

Rather than just be another WordPress theme shop, I wanted to create a business that helped educate entrepreneurs.  After all, even the most well designed theme can’t make your business succeeded. 

It takes knowledge, hustle, and accountability. I wanted to create a business where those things were part of every membership. 

The way I look at it, the more I can help you grow your business, the more you will help me grow mine.

Be a Transparent Business to Help You Learn from Our Own Business

I have always found extreme value from entrepreneurs sharing everything about how they run their business. 

The ones who aren’t afraid to share their income/expense reports or what worked and what didn’t work on their last product launch.

I want to bring that sort of transparency to Authority.

Following on what was said about being a mentor first and a business second, I will share with the Authority members exactly how I run the business. 

I will explain my pricing strategies and tests, income/expense reports, as well as what has worked and not worked for my business.