I spent the last few months working on the backend of the Pictalo WordPress themes and putting together the new marketplace. Now that those things are at a point that they require much less of my attention, I decided it was time to get back to the basics. I have spent so much time building the Pictalo products, that I haven’t really taken the time to do some of those basic things everyone should do when starting a business.

One of those things was coming up with an elevator pitch. In case you are unfamiliar with what an elevator pitch is, it is basically just a way to summarize what your business is in just a few sentences. The idea is that you could explain your business to someone in the amount of time it takes you to ride on a elevator. Hence the name, elevator pitch.

Creating a Elevator Pitch for Photographers

A elevator pitch is nice because it forces you to sit back and really define what your business is about. For photographers, a elevator pitch could consist of explaining your style or how you work. As a photographer and artists, it can be hard to explain those things. It can be even harder to explain them in a short manner in which would be clients can understand.

Taking time to create your elevator pitch might sound like a funny exercise for a photographer, but you will appreciate it once you have it. Being able to explain your business and style flawlessly with just a few sentences will make you sound like a pro when chatting it up with strangers and would be clients.

My Process for the Elevator Pitch

Generally you have two versions of your elevator pitch, a super short one and one that is a tad longer. The short version is almost a tag line for your business, while the longer version is your full on elevator pitch.

I decided to start with the shorter version first, I figured it would give me something to build off of when crafting the full pitch. To get the ball rolling I just typed whatever came into my head and then went back over the ideas after I had a few on paper. Below are a few of the ideas I came up with and some of my thoughts around them.

Pictalo helps photographers craft beautiful and usable websites.

This just didn’t work because it did not describe that Pictalo was a marketplace to buy and sell goods. Plus, it made PIctalo sound more like a tool or web app.

Pictalo is a marketplace for photographers to find everything they need to grow and brand their business.

This was better, but it felt to long for the short version and it didn’t explain that photographers could sell goods.

Pictalo is a marketplace for photographers.

Originally this is what I settled on. It was short and sweet. Almost perfect. Almost. After looking at it more, I realized the term marketplace was too broad. It made it sound like you could buy anything photography related and not just digital goods.

Pictalo is a marketplace for photographers to buy and sell their goods.

This was a little bit better. It was shorter, but still sound like you could buy camera equipment.

And the winner is:

Pictalo is a marketplace for photographers to buy and sell digital goods.

Creating the Longer Elevator Pitch

Perfect. I had created a short version of my elevator pitch that I was pretty happy with. Now I just needed to find a way to put a little bit more detail in to it, without going overboard. Let me just tell you, easier said than done. I had so much I wanted to say about why I started Pictalo because they were very near and dear to my heart. But, thats not exactly what a elevator pitch is for. That is what an about page is for.

Same thing as before, I just started writing to get the ideas flowing. So some of these examples might not make sense or be very different from one another. Below are a few of the ideas I came up with and some of my thoughts around them.

Pictalo is a collection of only the finest digital goods for photographers. The goal of the Pictalo marketplace is to provide photographers with the best possible resources to create and grow their business. Pictalo hand selects each and every designer.

Nope. I was trying to explain to much and in turn wasn’t really explaining anything.

I created the Pictalo marketplace so that photographers would have a place they could go to find high quality goods they could use to grow their business.

Tried to make it personal, which didn’t really explain anything about the business.

Pictalo is a marketplace for photographers to buy and sell digital goods. The Marketplace consists of products made especially for photographers, and in many cases, made by photographers.

This was close but it felt like it could be worded better and explain a little more detail about the business.

And the winner is:

Pictalo is a marketplace for photographers to buy and sell digital goods. Within the marketplace you will find a variety of goods and services designed distinctly for photographers. In many cases, these goods are also made by photographers.

Final Thoughts

Im really happy I sat down to do this. I feel a lot more confident in how I describe Pictalo to strangers. It has also help understand and set ideas and standards for what I want Pictalo to be as a business.

Do you have a elevator pitch for your business or photography studio? If so, I’d love to hear it. If you don’t have one yet, please share it once you do!