One question I think everyone has, especially when starting out, is how many people should I be adding to my email list? What is a healthy number of subscribers to aim for on a daily basis?

It is easy to say that you want to get 10 new subscribers a day. That is a great goal to have. But what happens when you end up only averaging 1 or 2 subscribers a day?

You will likely get discouraged and end up binge watching Bones on Netflix and forget about your list.

Now, what if 1 or 2 subscribes a day was exactly what you should have been getting all along?

Then you could have celebrated by binge watching Stranger Things!

What to Aim For

I recently read an email from Noah Kagan about this very subject. He presents a simple formula for calculating how many emails you should be collecting daily.

The math is so simple that it really blew me away. The short of it is that you should be converting 2% of your traffic into email subscribers.

Here is an example:

100 visitors a day = 2 new email sign ups a day

5,000 visitors a day = 100 new email sign ups a day

How awesome is that?

Now no matter how big or small your website is, you have a good idea of how well you are doing at converting visitors into subscribers. As long as you have trickle of traffic you know exactly how many of them you should be converting.

How Are You Preforming?

Now that I have given you a metric to compare against, how are you preforming? Is your visitor to subscriber conversion where it should be? If not, what do you think your problem is?

Do you think this is a valid way to figure out how many subscribers you should be getting?

Share your stats in the comments below! I’d love to know how every one is doing and what they think is helping them be where they need to be conversion wise.