I grew up in sunny Florida and lived for the beach.  Ever since I got my first subscription to Entrepreneur Magazine at the age of 8 (its true), I have had dreams of being a business owner.  That said, I ended up going to school for outdoor recreation and education.  I wanted to get paid to teach kids about the outdoors.  One year away from graduation, I dropped out to become a whitewater raft guide on the Ocoee river.

This was the best decision of my life.

From that point forward I did some pretty amazing things.  I spent the next several years rafting in the summer and working in Alaska during the winter racing sled dogs.  During the months in between seasons I would go travel.  Shortly thereafter I met my wife to be.  After our engagement, we moved to Costa Rica for while.  Awesome place to live if you aren’t afraid of Tarantulas the size of your face.    Seriously though, we loved it there.  Hard to beat cheap beer and living a stones throw from the beach.

We eventually moved back to the states to get married and settle down, for now.  Our son is almost 3 and nothing short of amazing.  I couldn’t ask for a better family.

And thats my life to date in 200ish words.  What’s yours?  Share below!