I am baffled and a little scared by the amount of indieprenuers sites I see that DON’T have permalinks setup on their site.

Permalink are one of the easiest things you can do to make your website more search engine friendly. It is quite literally a click of a button to make it happen.

The permalinks setting in WordPress takes your ugly urls and turns them into something much more search engine friendly.

Here is an example:

  • Permalinks Off: http://010.pictalo.com/?p=123
  • Permalinks On: http://010.pictalo.com/about
  • Permalinks On: http://010.pictalo.com/how-to-setup-permalinks

You see how much more usable permalink are?

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Since Google looks at a page or posts URL to help better understand what the content is about, you want your URLs to make since.

The Problem with Permalinks

Permalinks are a must have for your WordPress website.

They are super easy to set up, but there is a catch.

If you have been running your WordPress website for years without knowing about permalinks, you can’t just go switch them on.

If you have an older site and just switch on permalinks, any internal links on your site will no longer work. Likewise, any links on other websites will no longer work.

WordPress can’t figure out how to forward ugly permalinks to pretty permalinks.

So, if you have an older site and want to turn on permalinks, you have some work ahead of you. More than this article will cover.

If your website has content, but doesn’t have that much traffic yet, you are probably ok. You should be able to easily fix any broken links on your site.

If you website is brand new, you are in luck!

Turn on pretty permalinks right from the start and you’ll never have to worry about it again.

How to Setup Premalinks

As I said before, this is as easy as clicking a button. Here is how you do it.

Step 1. In wordpress, navigate to Settings > Permalinks

Step 2. Select the Post Name option and click save.

Thats it!

Does this Work for You?

Do you have pretty permalinks setup on your website? How well do they work?

Would you recommend this setting to others?

Share your opinions and experience in the comments below. I’d love to know how this is working for you.