A few days ago I made the decision to make the Pictalo brand more personal rather than a “internet startup.” It was a very hard choice for me to make, as that idea is something I’ve always dreamed about. But, thats for another blog post. In effort to make the business more personal, I have decided to do the blog a day challenge from Story of My Life.

Todays challenge is to share something you are good at. Unfortunately, what I am really good at is web design and user experience design. I say unfortunately because it seems like talking about that is counterproductive in making Pictalo more personal.

Oh well.

Rather than go over the basics of good web design and principles, I thought I might try and educate you on lesser known area of web design, user experience. To put it simply, user experience (UX) designers job is to make sure a website not only looks good visually, but is also easy to use.

You know when you go shopping online and you go to checkout and its a nightmare? You think to yourself;

“why are they making it so hard for me to give them my money?”

That is the kind of thing a UX designer fixes.

I urge you to take a look at your own site and see how easy it is to use for your visitors. I have stumbled across some photographers websites that made me want to punch my computer. Ask some random friends or family to mess around with you site (without you coaching them) and see if they can give you some feedback. If you feel they are just being nice, hire a third party to do some testing for you. You can get some user testing done for around $30 – $40. Try www.usertesting.com.

So, now you know what a UX designer is. And knowing is half the battle.