Workbook Creator – Vol. One

It’s time to share your idea with the world, so don’t let your fear of technology hold you back. We want to make sure your business is a success and will be here for you every step of the way.

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Craft professionally designed workbook & worksheets.

Quickly put together professionally designed workbooks and worksheets with the free online design tool, Canva. These workbooks are great lead magnets, to add value to your online course, create study guides for your webinar, and more.

Easily edit the files online in Canva

Use the free design tool, Canva, to edit these files and create an unlimited amount of workbooks and worksheets.

Customize everything to match your brand

Every part of the workbook can be customized to match your business’s brand to create a workbook that is uniquely yours.

Create more than just workbooks

These files can be injected into ebooks, create lead magnets, added to webinars, or even made into a product you charge for.

Heres what to expect after you purchase a template…

We make it super easy for you to start working on your new template right away. Its completely possible to have your next worksheet or lead magnet just a few hours after you purchase these templates. It really is that easy.

1. Open Instant Download

You’ll have instant access to template files and support documentation after payment.

2. Access Template Link

You will be given a link that will open the template in Canva and add it to your account.

3. Customize Your Template

Start adding your logo, fonts, and brand colors to get your template matching your brand.

4. Add Content & Publish

Start adding the content to your workbook and then publish to PDF directly from Canva.

Grow your email list, add value, & earn more money.

You can do so much more with these templates than just create workbooks for your online courses.  These templates can be used throughout your business to add value and income in a variety of ways. 

Online Course Workbooks

Creating workbooks and worksheets for your online courses are a great way to add value to them and increase sales.

Webinar Study Guide

Step up your webinar game and be the like the experts by having a worksheet attendees can fill out as they follow along in the webinar.

Content upgrades & lead magnets

Quickly create content upgrades for your blog posts or build out a full workbook to be used as your websites main lead magnet.

Create workbooks to sell

Theres no reason everything you make with these templates has to be given away for free. Build and sell workbooks for your clients.

Template Customization – $99

Don’t want to bother installing the website template yourself?! We get it. Time is money. We’ll do it for you.

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